Chuck Norris for Fed chairman

Chuck Norris for Fed chairman

By Lars Christensen, CEO & Founder Markets & Money Advisory, @MaMoMVPY @mamoadvisory 

In 2018 Janet Yellen's term as Federal Reserve chair will expire and speculation about who should be new Fed chairperson is naturally increasing.

I have a surprising suggestion for new Fed Chairman...Chuck Norris! Yes, that is right. This is what I wrote about it in 2013:

...I have another candidate. Chuck Norris! Or rather I strongly believe that monetary policy needs to be strictly rule based and if you have a rule based monetary policy who is fed chairman isn’t really important.

Under a strict monetary policy rule monetary policy will be fully “automatic” espcieally if you introduce “A Market-Driven Nominal GDP Targeting Regime”. This is of course what we call the Chuck Norris Effect – that the markets are implementing monetary policy. Or said in another way lets call the computer Milton Friedman wanted to run the fed Chuck Norris.

But there is of course no chance that we will get this kind of strict rule based monetary policy in the US. Therefore, if I was President Obama I would give Richmond fed economist Robert Hetzel a call. 

Why pick Hetzel? Well because he is the best qualified for the job. It is that easy. Anybody who reads my blog should understand why I think so.

Add to that nearly 40 years expirience within the fed system and Hetzel has probably participated in more FOMC meetings as an advisor to different Richmond fed persidents over the years than any other living economist in the world (I am guessing here, but if you know anybody else with this kind of expirience please let me.)

I expressed the same view in an interview with Kelly Evans on CNBC. 




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