Global Monetary Conditions Monitor is now available for academics

Global Monetary Conditions Monitor is now available for academics

By Lars Christensen, Founder & CEO,, +45 52502506

Since March Markets & Money Advisory has been publishing a monthly publication on global monetary affairs - Global Monetary Conditions Monitor.

The Monitor covers monetary policy in 25 countries.

The publication is very much written in a (market) monetarist tradition.

It is aimed at investors and policymakers, but has attracted increasing interest from academics as well.

We have therefore decided to make the Global Monetary Conditions Monitor available to researchers, academics and universities at a reduced price.

As of today, we will offer single subscriptions to academic institutions, think tanks, and individual researchers for EUR 1,000 for a 12-month subscription.

This offer also applies to central bank research departments.

Furthermore, we will make the data in the publication available to subscribers on request.

If you or your institution has interest in subscribing to the Monitor, please let us know - either by mailing me or writing to

If you wish to make the publication available to students at your institutions, please contact us for a special rate.

For your information, please find enclosed the two first editions of the Global Monetary Conditions Monitor. Please also share this information with academic colleagues and researchers.

Also please sign up for our newsletter here.

If you have suggestions about who might be interested in subscribing, please let us know and remember to share the information with your colleagues.



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