Lars Christensen appointed editor-in-chief of Euroinvestor

Lars Christensen appointed editor-in-chief of Euroinvestor

Three years ago, I founded Markets & Money Advisory. It has been a great personal experience and I have been very happy running a unique research and advisory company with a strong focus on monetary policy. Today, however, I must announce that Markets & Money Advisory will be closing on January 1, 2019.

The reason is an unusual opportunity. I have been asked by Anders Krab-Johansen, the CEO of Berlingske Media, to become editor-in-chief of Euroinvestor, the Danish financial website acquired by Berlingske Media in September 2018.

This assignment was simply too interesting to pass up, and I accepted the offer.

Berlingske Media is a Copenhagen-based, Danish media group owned by the Belgian media house De Persgroep. As editor-in-chief of Euroinvestor, I will also become part of Berlingske Media’s management team.

My assignment is to thoroughly modernise and relaunch Euroinvestor. I am thrilled to have been put in charge of this task.

For my non-Danish friends, followers and clients, I should say that while Euroinvestor is primarily a Danish-language website and more of my commentary and work will now be in Danish, you will still be able to follow me on social media, where I will continue to communicate in English. Furthermore, I will remain available to make presentations and speeches internationally.

My association with Stellenbosch University as a Research Associate will also continue.

Regarding Markets & Money Advisory, we will be in contact with clients on an individual basis to determine how present agreements will be honored until our contracts end. However, we will not be taking on new clients and all new activities will cease by January 1, 2019.

The whole Markets & Money Advisory team wishes to thank our clients for their support and the good relationships we have built over the past three years. We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and a healthy and prosperous New Year in 2019.

Lars Christensen
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